Angular.JS Framework

Readykoncepts Technologies is a top-rated Angular.js development company with a track record of building mobile and web apps that are secure, robust, easy to maintain and extensible to include additional features using this open source web development framework. We provide reliable Angular.js development services that take you from an idea to the finished product and keep you informed at every stage in between. Our development team chooses to extend its development realm in Angular.js web and mobile app development domain and has cleared all the milestones by accomplishing the client’s expectations.

A plethora of advantages that come with Angular.JS Development services:

  • Two-way data binding capability
  • Custom widgets can be built with the help of directives
  • Dynamic and Agile Solutions
  • Enhanced Plug and Play Components
  • Quality Driven Development

We completely understand full-stack Javascript technologies and using our knowledge of core JS programming, frameworks and libraries, we build well-structured application architectures for your products. We have been working with Angular.js since its inception and having mastered the framework, we know how to make the best use of it to test and build a scalable application in less time. We strive to simplify both development and testing of applications by providing a framework for Client-side Model View Controller architecture and RESTful APIs.